Our Team

Principal Investigator

Arturo S. Leon, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE

Associate Professor of Hydraulic Engineering

Postdoc, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007-2010
PhD, Civil Engrg, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2007
MS, Hydraulic Engrg, National Univ. of Engrg, Peru, 2000
BS, Civil Engrg, Nat. Univ. San Cristobal Huam., Peru, 1996


Mohammad Reza Safaei, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

PhD, Mechanical Engrg, Univ. of Malaya, Malaysia, 2015
MS, Mechanical Engrg, Azad Univ., Mashhad Br., Iran, 2010
BS, Mechanical Engrg, Azad Univ., Mashhad Br., Iran, 2006


Vivek Verma

PhD Candidate

MS, Civil & Env. Engrg , Texas A&M Univ., College Station, 2017
BS, Civil Engrg, Nat. SSIPMT, India, 2015

Sumit R. Zanje

PhD Student

ME, Design Engrg, BITS Pilani, India, 2017
BE, Mechanical Engrg, Mumbai University, India, 2014

Linlong Bian

PhD Student

MS, Hydroinf. and Water Manag., U. of Nice Sophia, France, 2017
MS, Hydroinf. and Water Manag., Newcastle Univ., England, 2017
ME, Hydrol. and Hydr. Struct. Engrg., North China Univ., China, 2016
BS, Hydr. & Hydroel. Engrg, Nanchang Inst. of Tech., China, 2014

Zeda Yin

PhD Student

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Marshall University, WV, 2019
BE, Mechatronics, Nanjing Institute of Technology, China, 2016

Pratik Mahyawansi

PhD Student

MS, Aerospace Propulsion, Indian Inst. of Tech. Bombay, 2015
BS, Aeronautical Engrg., Aeronautical Society of India, 2013

Primary advisor: Dr. Cheng-Xian Lin, Co-advisor: Dr. Arturo S. Leon

Dogukan Ozecik

MS Student

BS, Civil Engrg, Yildiz Tech. Univ., Turkey, 2015

Salome Montoya

BS-MS Student

BS, Civil Engrg, Florida International University, Miami, 2020

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Carlos Amezquita (Summer 2021 – Present)
  2. Nicole Romanach (Spring 2020 – Present)

Former Graduate Students and Post-Docs

  1. Sumit Zanje (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Spring 2021).
  2. Li Qin (PhD - Visiting scholar, graduated Fall 2018). Currently Lecturer at College of Information Science and Engineering, Ningbo University, China.
  3. Ahmet Emirhan Yolcu (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Spring 2018). Currently Hydraulic Engineer at the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Ankara, Turkey.
  4. Yunji Choi (Ph.D - Civil Engineering, graduated Spring 2018). Currently at Jacobs Engineering Group, Corvallis, OR.
  5. Taher Chegini (Ph.D student - Civil Engineering, 2017-2018).
  6. Hamid Bashiri (Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2017-2018).
  7. Erfaneh Sharifi (Ph.D student - Civil Engineering, 2017-2018).
  8. Duan Chen (Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2014-2016). Currently, Deputy Chief Engineer of Hydraulics Department, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute
  9. Parnian Hosseini (Ph.D - Civil Engineering, graduated Fall 2016). Currently, Water Resources Engineer at Golder Associates, Calgary, Canada.
  10. Yun Tang (MEng - Civil Engineering, graduated Summer 2016). Currently at HDR Engineering, Washington, D.C.
  11. Ibrahem Elayeb (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Summer 2016) Currently, Designer at Precision Structural Engineering, Inc., Klamath Falls, Oregon.
  12. Julia Rask (MS student - Water Resources Engineering, 2012-2016).
  13. Ali Alnahit (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Summer 2015). Currently, PhD Student at Clemson University.
  14. Christopher Ryan Hockert (MEng - Civil Engineering, graduated Spring 2015). Currently, Engineer at SSOE Group, Beaverton, Oregon.
  15. Benjamin Church (MEng - Civil Engineering, graduated Spring 2014).
  16. Christopher Gifford-Miears (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Winter 2014). Currently, Hydraulic Engineer at Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) - Denver
  17. Elizabeth A. Kanashiro (MS - Civil Engineering, graduated Winter 2013). Currently, Hydrologic/Hydraulic Engineer at Ausenco (Australian Consulting Company)

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Angeluz Kobrosly (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021))
  2. Sabrina Hochberg (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021)
  3. Francisca Olmos de Aguilera (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021)
  4. Daniel Viciana (Fall 2019 – Fall 2020)
  5. Angela Hogan, Honors College student (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019), 2nd place winner of 2018 EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge, Master Plan Category. Currently at BCC Engineering, Miami, FL.
  6. Davis Isaias Hernandez-Alvarez (Winter 2016)
  7. Tyler Oathes (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  8. Megan Conley (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  9. Alyssa Saito (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  10. Emily Napualani Luke (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  11. Devin Robert Sene  (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  12. Parker Wood Murphy (Winter-Spring 2016 )
  13. Lee Brian Bissinger (Summer 2011, Fall 2012, Summer 2012,  Spring 2014)
  14. Tim Lloyd (BS - Civil Engineering)
  15. Emiko Fukuchi (BS - Environmental Engineering)
  16. Jeffrey Knowles (BS - Civil Engineering, 2011)
  17. Yunji Choi (BS - Civil Engineering, 2011)
  18. Hadi Mirsadeghi (B.S. Civil Engineering, 2010)
  19. Esther Contreras (BS - Civil Engineering, 2010)


  1. Prof. Mohamed Ghidaoui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)
  2. Prof. Ryan Lowe (The University of Western Australia, Australia)
  3. Prof. Nigel Wright (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
  4. Prof. Bas Jonkman (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
  5. Dr. Martin Rüdisüli, Hunziker Betatech AG, Switzerland
  6. Tony Margevicius, URS, New Zealand
  7. Prof. Marcelo Garcia (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  8. Prof. James Guo (University of Colorado at Denver)
  9. Prof. Leonardo Nania (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
  10. Prof. Venkataramana Sridhar (Virginia Tech)
  11. Prof. Peter Goodwin (University of Idaho)
  12. Prof. Arthur R. Schmidt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  13. Prof. Xiaofeng Liu (Pennsylvania State University)
  14. Prof. Ximing Cai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  15. Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez-Castro (South Florida Water Management District, Florida)
  16. Prof. Jose G. Vasconcelos (Auburn University, Alabama)
  17. Prof. Christopher Hoyle (Oregon State University)
  18. Prof. Nathan Gibson (Oregon State University)
  19. Prof. Meghna Babbar-Sebens (Oregon State University)
  20. Prof. Tyler Radniecki (Oregon State University)
  21. Prof. Claudio Fuentes (Oregon State University)
  22. Prof. Yong Chen (Oregon State University)
  23. Prof. Clinton S. Willson (Louisiana State University)
  24. Dr. Wayne C. Huber (Geosyntec, Oregon State University)
  25. M.S. Carmen Bernedo, Montgomery Watson and Harza, Colorado
  26. Dr. David H. Axworthy, http://www.nhcweb.com/, Pasadena, California
  27. M.S. Virgil Adderley, Bureau of Environmental Services, City of Portland, Oregon
  28. Sam Glovick, Wade Trim (http://www.wadetrim.com), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Photos of the WISE Research Group

January 24, 2019. Picture of some of our group members. From left to right: Sumit, Aditia, Vivek, Dogukan, Linlong and Arturo.

April 05, 2019. Picture of some of our group members. From left to right: Linlong, Sumit, Aditia, Arturo, Dogukan, Vivek and Salome.

September 19, 2019. Picture of some of our group members. From left to right: Dogukan, Sumit, Arturo, Aditia, Reza, Linlong, and Vivek.

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