Physical Modeling:

Our research focuses on physical modeling (Laboratory) of a wide array of hydraulic structures, including fish passage structures, dams, flood gates, pumping stations, canoe chutes, turbines, energy dissipators, and multi-phase flows.

Dr. Leon's group has conducted experimental studies of various hydraulic structures, including a vortex flow restrictor, dropshafts, remotely-controlled siphons and local scour in bridges. In addition, before his PhD studies, Dr. Leon has worked for five years as a hydraulic engineer where he participated in the design and construction of a wide array of hydraulic structures, including water intakes, culverts, detention ponds, dams, spillways, sediment/erosion control structures, and bridge scour protection. The current and former laboratories designed and implemented by Dr. Leon can be seen in this link. The pictures and videos below show some of our work in physical modeling.

Sequential snapshots in the horizontal pipe of one of our geyser experiments

Sequential snapshots of geyser eruption in one of our experiments

Snapshots of maximum eruption heights for four of our geyser experiments

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