Smart Green Infrastructure:

Our research combines laboratory work and numerical simulations to understand the role that green infrastructure plays in the removal of pollutants and the mitigation of flooding. Our group is also working in making possible the remote operation of water releases in wetlands and other storage systems in a relatively inexpensive way. For this purpose, we have developed a modular and integrated hardware/software platform for interfacing automated siphons/gates, sensors and sensor control/communication to enable remote operation of a wide array of gates in wetlands, detention ponds and other storage systems. Within this area our group also develops Decision Support Systems (DSS) for guiding optimal water releases from a network of wetlands and other storage systems for mitigating floods and other objectives. The pictures and videos below show some of our work in green infrastructure.

A test of various of our remotely operated drainage systems in action

Our remotely-operated system for water release of storage systems (e.g., wetlands, detention ponds and reservoirs)

OSU Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Facility. Dr. Leon (former Co-Director) helped in the design, construction and funding of this facility.

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