Welcome to the research group of

Dr. Arturo S. Leon, Civil & Environmental Engr., FIU

WISE: Water resources Integrated modeling &
Smart control of Extreme weather impacts

The WISE team performs cutting-edge research in the areas of smart and resilient flood control, mitigation of violent geysers (air-water flows), optimal reservoir operation under uncertainty, sustainable stormwater management, computational hydraulics (CFD) and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. For our research projects, software, publications, teaching material, team members, and achievements click on the tabs at the top of this page. Videos of some of our representative work on each of these areas are shown below.

Smart and resilient flood control

Our remotely operated siphon system in action

Violent air-water geyser eruptions

One of our geyser laboratory experiments

Smart Stormwater and Wastewater:

ITM simulation of a sewer system in Chicago

Quantifying Heat Island Effect

Sunlight heating simulation of a FIU building

Mitigating impacts of natural hazards

Protecting coastal systems from storm surge and hurricane damage

Smart Green Infrastructure

2019 EPA RainWorks Campus Challenge

CFD Modeling

One of our geyser numerical simulations performed with OpenFOAM

Physical Modeling

One of our PIV experiments

Map and Directions for Visitors:

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Your contribution makes a difference

At the WISE Research Group, we are at the fore front in developing novel and resilient solutions for (1) mitigating riverine and coastal flooding; (2) reducing combined sewer overflows to our rivers and lakes; and (3) mitigating damage produced by storm surge and hurricanes. Help us to bolster our ongoing efforts in mitigating the effects of the natural and man-made hazards mentioned above by making a secure and tax-deductible donation. To donate us, please fill the information in the fields below and click the Donate button.

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