About MPL

MPL conducts research in bio-photonics and focuses on investigating non-invasive methodologies for diagnosing disease based on light-tissue interaction. We are developing new imaging methodologies combining polarization-sensitive techniques and non-linear microscopy to investigate the anomalous organization of the extracellular matrix in several biological environments. We are utilizing these methodologies to investigate preterm labor, a condition that affects 10 to 15 % of all pregnancies with severe consequences for mother and child. We are also researching early signs of Diabetic Retinopathy through imaging spectroscopy and Two-photon excitation phosphorescence lifetime imaging. We are working with TAMU, UCLA, and RICE on a new NSF-funded ERC: PATHS-UP. This cross-institutional academy-industry partnership aims to develop affordable health devices and systems for underserved communities, emphasizing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.