Technology Transfer

Solid Powerboats - Initiated Senior Design Project via collaboration with local company to.  design the deployment of an anchor. First and second place winners received cash prizes.

Foxworth & Dinkins Technology Transfer Workshop
Represented the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Foxworth & Dinkins  Technology Transfer  workshop - "Bridging Innovation and Entrepreneur­ship" in Atlanta, Georgia on November 6 - 8, 1994 to  promote technology transfer between academia and industry.
Parsons Environmental Services, Inc.
Collaborated with Parsons Environmental Services, Inc. to facilitate transfer of technolo­gies from laboratory to commercial implementation between National Laboratories, FTC, the Depart­ment of Energy and Industry.
White House Invitation: Technology for a Sustainable Future
Served as a coordinator for workshop held at Florida International University on Sustainable Technologies   for the Americas on October 28, 1994


Technology Transfer Workshops