Wei-Yu Bao

Florida International University
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Address: 10555 West Flagler Street, EC3234, Miami, Florida 33174
Phone: (305) 348-6863
Fax: (305) 348-1932
Email: baow@fiu.edu
Website: http://web.eng.fiu.edu/~wbao

Florida International University, Miami, Florida (1999)
M.S. and B.S.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

Undergraduate Courses:
EGN 1100: Introduction to Engineering
EGN 1110C: Engineering Drawing
EGN 3311: Statics
EGM 3503: Applied Mechanics
EML 1533: Introduction to CAD for Mechanical Engineers
EML 2032: Programming for Mechanical Engineers
EML 3036: Simulation Software for Mechanical Engineers
EML 3222: System Dynamics
EML 3262: Kinematics and Mechanism Design
EML 4312: Automatic Control Theory
EML 4503: Production Machine Modeling and Design
EML 4535: Mechanical CAD
EML 4806: Modeling and Control of Robots

EEL 2880: Applied Software Techniques in Engineering

Undergraduate Lab Courses:
EMA 3702L: Mechanics and Materials Science Lab
EML 3126L: Transport Phenomena Lab
EML 3301L: Instrumentation and Measurement Lab
EML 4906L: Mechanical Engineering Lab

Graduate Courses:
EML 5530: Intermediate CAD/CAE
EML 5808: Control Technology for Robotic Systems
EML 5709: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
EGM 5315: Intermediate Analysis of Mechanical Systems
EGM 6422: Advanced Analysis of Mechanical Systems

Research Interests:
Data Acquisition, System Identification, Automatic Control,
Modeling and Simulation, CAD/CAM/CAE

Mechanics and Materials Science Lab
Transport Phenomena Lab
Mechanical Engineering Lab
Instumentation and Measurement Lab
Materials Science and Engineering Lab

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