Wei-Yu Bao

Laboratory Manager, Coordinator of Research Programs
Adjunct Lecturer
(Since 2001)

Florida International University, Miami, Florida (1999)
M.S. and B.S.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

Florida International University
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
10555 West Flagler Street, EC 3234
Miami, Florida 33174
phone: (305) 348-6863
fax: (305) 348-1932
email: baow@fiu.edu
web: http://web.eng.fiu.edu/~wbao

Undergraduate Courses:
EGN 1100: Introduction to Engineering
EGN 1110C: Engineering Drawing
EGN 3311: Statics
EGM 3503: Applied Mechanics
EML 1533: Introduction to CAD for Mechanical Engineers
EML 2032: Programming for Mechanical Engineers
EML 3036: Simulation Software for Mechanical Engineers
EML 3222: System Dynamics
EML 3262: Kinematics and Mechanism Design
EML 4312: Automatic Control Theory
EML 4503: Production Machine Modeling and Design
EML 4535: Mechanical CAD
EML 4806: Modeling and Control of Robots

EEL 2880: Applied Software Techniques in Engineering

Undergraduate Lab Courses:
EMA 3702L: Mechanics and Materials Science Lab
EML 3126L: Transport Phenomena Lab
EML 3301L: Instrumentation and Measurement Lab
EML 4906L: Mechanical Engineering Lab

Graduate Courses:
EML 5530: Intermediate CAD/CAE
EML 5808: Control Technology for Robotic Systems
EML 5709: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
EGM 5315: Intermediate Analysis of Mechanical Systems
EGM 6422: Advanced Analysis of Mechanical Systems

Research Interests:
Data Acquisition, System Identification, Automatic Control,
Modeling and Simulation, CAD/CAM/CAE

Mechanics and Materials Science Lab
Transport Phenomena Lab
Mechanical Engineering Lab
Instumentation and Measurement Lab
Materials Science and Engineering Lab

12 journal articles
17 papers published in books
Selected conference papers