EML 4911Undergraduate Research Experience

Session U03, Class #: 18824

Laboratory: Main Campus VH 140

Center for the Study of Matters at Extreme Conditions


Goals of the course

This course is to offer undergraduate students hand-on experience with frontier research in materials science and engineering areas, and prepare undergraduate students for future career in academic or industrial setting, and/or for graduate study. The research projects including materials synthesis, processing, testing and characterization are funded by National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and other external funding agencies. In addition to routine laboratory training, experimental techniques also include x-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, high temperature / low temperature / high pressure apparatus.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission.


Jiuhua Chen

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department

EC Office: Rm 3471

Ph: (305) 348-3140

University Park Office: VH 140

Ph: (305) 348-3577

Email: chenj@fiu.edu


More information about the laboratory: http://cesmec.fiu.edu


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