WaterSCAPES: Science of Coupled Aquatic Processes in Ecosystems from Space focuses on an integrated set of research and education activities centered on the interaction between the hydrologic cycle and vegetation dynamics of the Florida Everglades, and is sponsored by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

In addition to the everglades, WaterSCAPES is also studying similar ecosystems in other parts of the world; analyzing the spatial and temporal changes of this interaction and determining the influence of these changes on water cycling, vegetation structure, biomass dynamics and biodiversity.

The focus of WaterSCAPES is well motivated by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate

fundamental question: How is the Earth changing and what are the consequences for life on Earth?, and specifically seeks to address the stocks and fluxes of water in all its forms, nutrients and vegetative biomass through a quantitative approach that combines remote sensing observations (radar and optical), mathematical modeling of ecohydrologic processes and field ecophysiological experiments.


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