Research Topics

Dr. Wang's main research interest is synthesizing, characterizing, processing and integrating various multifunctional materials, such as: carbon based materials (such as: diamond, graphite, and glassy carbon, carbon Nanotubes, etc.), Si  and polymer materials,  for electrical, electrochemical, optical and biological applications. Our recent research topics include:

1. On-chip micropower

 Li-ion microbatteries


 Micro biofuel cells

2. Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD)

 Porous metal oxide materials

 Breast cancer detection


4. Biosensor

5. Drug Delivery

6. CVD diamond




NSF: (1) NIRT ; (2) CMMI; (3) MRI, (4) IRES, and (5) REU supplement National Science Foundation

DARPA: Young Faculty Award (YFA )

FIU Kauffman Professor Award

ACS Doctoral New Investigator Grant


American Chemical Society