Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Human Cyber-Physical Laboratory is to develop new sensor, network and computing technologies to accelerate both the creation and our understanding of the complex and increasingly coupled relationships between humans and computing with the broad goal of advancing human capabilities.

We have a strong interest in the Intent-of-Things (IoT) applications to explore novel technology that may promote better human interactions with physical world, such as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), neuro prosthetics, and human-robot interactions.

Current Projects

  • Low cost, wearable and in-home use boday area sensor network
  • Efficient human-automation cooperation in prolonged and intensive missions
  • Lower-limb Prosthesis Optimization and Control
  • Personalized in-home stroke rehabilitation training system
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Research Methods

  • Sensor and sensor network
  • Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  • Real-time and high efficiency computing
  • Control algorithms and engineering
  • Neurophysiological Measurements; EEG and EMG as well as MEG, fMRI, TMS etc.
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition, Processing and System Integrations
  • Industrial Robots and Robotic Interactions
  • Prosthetics and Prosthetic Control

Research Interests

  • Cyber-Physical Systems Research on Robotic/Prosthetic Optimization and Control
  • Smart and Connected Health Research on In-home Exercise/Rehabilitation Monitoring
  • Cyber-security and Privacy in Cyber-physical Systems
  • Sensors and Real-time Sensor Signal Processing and Recognition
  • Embedded Systems Engineering and Instrumentation
  • Robotic Systems Development for Tele-Rehabilitation
  • Biomedical Signal Processing, Detection, Classification and Prediction
  • Neural Imaging
  • Biological and Medical Instrumentation
  • Neural Feedback Control and Neural Stimulation
  • Brain-Computer Interface and Neural Prosthetics
  • Human Motor Control Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Motor Learning. Motor Plasticity and Motor Rehabilitation