Dear Friends,

I am currently working on a research project with Dr. Yimin Zhu ( to measure the impact of construction equipment on the environment. We are looking for a sensor or sensors to capture operation time, mode (On/Off/Idle/Operating) and/or other data from construction equipment including tools. We would like to have a record of the operation mode as determined by either the equipment’s On/OFF status, temperature, vibration level or noise so we can later infer the environmental impact of the equipment.

We are exploring all possibilities and would like to receive some information about any sensors that you may be aware that could help us.

Given the mobility of construction equipment we believe the sensors should be wireless and connected to some data logging system.

Please let us know if you do have access to anything that could help us or please direct us to a source you may know.

We are also looking for companies who are interested in sponsor our research.

Thanks a lot for your help and interest, I’m looking forward to your response.




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