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What Is Bike Month?
Shopping for a bicycleHow to Purchase a Bicycle
Purchasing a bicycle shouldn't be confusing. We're here to help more...
Bike commutingCommuting to FIU
Interested in commuting to FIU by bike? Then this article is for you.
Bike commutingWhat if it rains?
May is just about the start of the Miami rainy season, but with the right tools, getting caught in the rain won't be so bad.
Shopping for a bicycleHow to Ride Safely
Safety is very important when riding, especially when there is no bike infrastructure available.
Bicycle-FriendlyHow to Make Yourself Visible
Protecting yourself on the road involves more than just your riding position, especially at night.
Street SmartsFlorida Bicycling Street Smarts
A handbook for bicycle riders, where you can learn how to ride confidently and safely. This is a must read for all cyclists.

Most Needed Accessories

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                                Headlights                                          Taillights                                               Fenders


Front and rear racks                                            Locks


For more accessories and other equiment, visit your local bike shop or using the links on the right.

Basic Maintenance

How to fix a flat

How to clean and lube your chain

Links Cycling Store Bike Commuter Store

Miami Bike Report

Bike Parking on Campus

Local Bike Shop Directory


Optimizing Your Tire Pressure For Your Weight



7 May 2012 - Summer A & C begins
9 May 2012 -
Bike to School Day
14-18 May 2012 - Bike to Work Week
18 May 2012 - Bike to Work Day

Florida Bike Laws

3 feet of space is required for drivers to safely pass a cyclist.

Helmets are mandatory for any rider under the age of 16.

Riding on the sidewalk is allowed except where prohibited.

A headlight, as well as a tailight or rear reflector are required for riding at night.

Leaving the bike lane is allowed when getting past obstacles, changing lanes for a left turn, or when it is unsafe.

The position of a cyclist is in the rightmost lane, or (optionally, on one-way streets) the left most lane.

All traffic signs must be obeyed.

Bicycle Tips

-Pump up your tires to their recommended pressure at least once a week.

-Clean and lube your chain at least once a week, twice a month if you don't ride everyday, and every day if it rains often.

-Riding on the sidewalk is discouraged.

-Taillights, in addition to headlights, are encouraged.

-Avoid high speed roads in your routes.

-Take the lane when necessary. In wide lanes, take up the right half. Ride in the shoulder if there's no bike lane, if it's completely empty and if it's free of debris.

-Always lock up with a u-lock, while optionally using a cable as added security.

-Never purchase a bicycle from any department store, or

-Keeping a mini-pump, tire levers, a patch kit, and a spare tube will save you a lot of walking in the event of a flat.

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