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Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering                   

Florida International University

Miami, FL 33174

(305) 348-7340 (phone)

(305) 348-6954 (fax)



CV (pdf) (Last Updated 10 Jan 2012)

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Optical Imaging Laboratory (click to enter)

Research Interests  

Cancer diagnostics using optical-based molecular imaging 

·         3D optical-based molecular imaging and tomography studies: phantoms, in-vivo small animal

·         3D fluorescence-lifetime imaging and tomography

·         Bioinstrumentation (optical-based instrument development)

·         Development of 2D/3D image reconstruction algorithms

 Functional brain imaging using diffuse optical imaging

·         Brain activation and connectivity studies using near-infrared spectroscopy

·         Functional brain mapping studies on autistic children towards mapping their frontal cortices in response to joint attention skills

·         NIRS studies on subjects with cerebral palsy towards mapping their frontal (cognitive) and temporal cortices in response to motor skills



Fall 2012: BME 3631 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2012:  BME 4531/5505C (Medical Imaging)

Spring 2011: BME 4401/6505C (Medical Imaging)

Fall 2010:  BME 3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2010:  BME 4401 (Medical Imaging)

Fall 2009:  BME 4562/5560 (Biomedical Optics)

Fall 2009:  BME 3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2009:  BME 4401 (Medical Imaging)

Fall 2008:  BME 3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2008: BME 3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Fall 2007:  BME 4562/5560 (Biomedical Optics)

Spring 2007:  BME 6993 (Optical Imaging in Biomedicine)

Fall 2006:  BME 3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2006:  BME 2740 (Biomedical Modeling and Simulation)

Fall 2005: BME3032 (Biomedical Transport)

Spring 2005:  BME 5560 (Biomedical Engineering Optics) & BME 4993 (Introduction to Biomedical Optics)

Fall 2004: BME3032 (Biomedical Transport)


Last Updated: 10 Jan 2012